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Chang­ing plot­lines in TV’s 12 Mon­keys

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You’re play­ing the role that Bruce Wil­lis had in the orig­i­nal film. Did you re­watch it, or avoid it in prepa­ra­tion for the role? I watched it mul­ti­ple times when I found out I was cast. You’re right, there are a lot of ac­tors who – when they’re do­ing an adap­ta­tion – dis­tance them­selves as much as they can. They’re con­cerned they might some­how sub­con­sciously mimic the orig­i­nal ac­tor. For me it wasn’t a con­cern, be­cause I’m such a fun­da­men­tally dif­fer­ent cast­ing choice to Bruce Wil­lis I knew there was no dan­ger of me repli­cat­ing his per­for­mance. I’ve got a lot more hair for a start.

You’re a self- con­fessed sci- fi geek, so were you a night­mare for the show’s writ­ers, point­ing out all the time para­doxes? I do know my time para­doxes in­side- out. But no, I’m not a night­mare for the writ­ers, be­cause the show’s writ­ers are the big­gest geek fan­boys you’ll ever meet in your life. And that’s why they got in­volved as well. They love the film, and they love this kind of sto­ry­telling in gen­eral.

What does the show of­fer that the film didn’t? The great thing about tele­vi­sion in gen­eral is you have the time to tell a big story. In the film we saw bits and pieces of it in the fu­ture world post- pan­dem­nic. The show gives us that op­por­tu­nity to re­ally blow that world open much wider. There are all sort of plots in the fu­ture world that we ex­plore, and all sorts of back­story to the Cas­san­dra char­ac­ter to be ex­plored.

You don’t get to wear a Terry Gil­liam- in­spired wardrobe though… I can hon­estly say that I don’t have any re­grets that I didn’t get to wear a see- through plas­tic moo- moo. But they left a lot of Easter eggs in the show – a lot of nods to the orig­i­nal film. You’ll see all sorts of things pop up: cos­tumes, props, lines here and there. Dave Golder

12 Mon­keys airs Fri­day nights on Syfy UK.

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