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In lov­ing trib­ute to man’s best friend, 20 ques­tions on SF- re­lated dogs. You might know more than you think…

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This is­sue we test your knowl­edge of SF dogs. Woof!

1 Name Doc Brown’s dog from 1955 in Back To The Fu­ture.

2 In Doc­tor Who, who is the only ac­tor apart from John Lee­son to have voiced K- 9?

3 Stay­ing with K- 9, how many Marks of the ro­botic ca­nine have there been in the se­ries?

4 True or false: the dog who played Toto in The Wiz­ard Of Oz ( above) was paid more than most of the ac­tors play­ing Munchkins.

5 What breed of dog is the mur­der­ous Cujo from Stephen King’s book and film?

6 Ham­mer’s 1959 adap of The Hound Of The Baskervilles was the first Sher­lock Holmes film to be what?

7 Which an­i­mated film is this cu­ri­ous bull­dog from?

8 Who does the tit­u­lar White Dog from Sa­muel Fuller’s 1982 film chiefly attack?

9 Which ca­nine pal of Su­per­man has, among his many abil­i­ties, freeze breath?

10 Which car­toon dog has fought, among many oth­ers, Black Knight, Ghost Clown, Snow Ghost and the Mummy of Anka?

11 What John Car­pen­ter hor­ror film be­gins with a dog be­ing pur­sued across a land­scape?

12 What is the al­ter­nate ti­tle of 1977 stinker Zoltan, Hound Of Drac­ula?

13 That most im­por­tant ques­tion – does the dog die in th­ese three films ( get all three cor­rect for a point): Dawn Of The Dead ( 2004); A Night­mare On Elm Street ( 2010); In­de­pen­dence Day.

14 Richard Mathe­son’s I Am Leg­end was pre­vi­ously filmed un­der what ti­tle in 1964 star­ring Vin­cent Price?

15 What are Damien Thorn’s favourite kind of mutts?

16 The 1975 film A Boy And His Dog is adapted from a short story by which well- known science fic­tion au­thor?

17 Who does Jaime Som­mers be­friend in the first episode of sea­son three of her 1970s tele­vi­sion se­ries?

18 What was the name of the Jet­sons’ dog?

19 What kind of an­i­mal played Muf­fit the dag­git from the orig­i­nal Bat­tlestar Galac­tica?

20 What’s the sur­name of Sey­mour, the dog from Fu­tu­rama ( be­low left)?

Asses 20 chim­panzee A 19 Astro 18 Woman) Bionic

The in ( Dog Bionic The 17 El­li­son Har­lan 16 Omen) The ( Rot­tweil­ers 15 Earth On Man Last The 14 No Yes; No; 13 Dog Drac­ula’s 12 Thing The 11 Doo Scooby- 10

Krypto 9 peo­ple Black 8 Bull­dog”) Hey “song the ac­com­pa­ny­ing ( Sub­ma­rine Yel­low 7 colour in Filmed 6 Bernard St 5 True 4 Four 3

Bri­er­ley David 2 Copernicus 1 An­swers

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