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I re­mem­ber around late 2001 I read a fan­tasy novel that started with a man work­ing in a bi­ol­ogy lab only to be trans­ported to a dif­fer­ent world. Af­ter he built a camp and a fire on his first night a strangely fear­less rab­bit came up to him and he cooked and ate it. Af­ter meet­ing his first hu­man he dis­cov­ered all an­i­mals on that world are hu­mans in the day and an­i­mals at night. Any idea what it might be?

Gil­lian Coyle, email

Guest SFXpert Anna van Lankvelt says:

Th­ese are the open­ing chap­ters of the 2001 novel The Beasts Of Barakhai by Mickey Zucker Re­ichert. It’s part one of two, the sec­ond book be­ing The Lost Dragons Of Barakhai. Re­ichert is bes t known for her Ren­shai se­ries, in­flu­enced by Norse mythol­ogy.

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