Se­cret Wars: Batt leworld

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Marvel ( May)

“When ev­ery­thing ends there is only Se­cret Wars.” And they’re not kid­ding! In­volv­ing the whole­sale de­struc­tion of the Marvel Uni­verse as we know it, Jonathan Hick­man and Sal­vador Larocca’s eight- part minis­eries is shap­ing up to be their big­gest megacrossover ever. With seeds cur­rently be­ing sewn in The Avengers, the main 616 uni­verse, the Ul­ti­mate Uni­verse and nu­mer­ous other re­al­i­ties smash to­gether to form a new Bat­tle­world, which is com­posed of re­gions that hark back to pre­vi­ous clas­sic sto­ry­lines, such as The Monar­chy Of M and the Planet Hulk- riff­ing Green­land. With an “All- New Marvel” emerg­ing from the ashes af­ter­wards, we will have to see whether this is a dras­tic New 52- style re­boot or a Cri­sis On In­fi­nite Earths- es­que re­fine­ment of their con­vo­luted con­ti­nu­ity.

Care­ful, some­body could lose an eye!

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