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we We didn’t dis­cussed­want to when make we up first any met pre­judg­ments about th­ese peo­ple or their re­la­tion­ship. We wanted to just live through each mo­ment and each thing that hap­pens to them. So it was nice just to be able to be thrust into this re­la­tion­ship just like it hap­pens for Jamie and Claire. As co- leads of the show, how have you two braved the long months of lo­ca­tion shoot­ing in Scot­land?

It’s been won­der­ful. We spend so many hours to­gether and I’m sure I’ve pissed her off a bit, but we laugh a lot. We’ve been through some crazy stuff in the High­lands of Scot­land, or late at night when it’s rain­ing and we’re cov­ered in mud. I’ve been very lucky to be work­ing with her. The first episode back, “The Reckoning”, breaks for­mat with Jamie’s POV…

Yeah, there is bit of a shift in the sec­ond half of the sea­son where we get to see a lot more from Jamie’s point of view, or see a lot more of him or what he’s think­ing. In the first half, he can kind of come across as per­fect but we get to find out a lot more about his weak­nesses like his stub­born­ness and pride. We hear there will be more time jump­ing next sea­son. Is that ex­cit­ing?

Oh yeah. I think it’s very ex­cit­ing to play th­ese char­ac­ters at a dif­fer­ent age. Even in “The Reckoning” with his voiceover, we asked “Where is that com­ing from? Is it now or in the fu­ture? Go­ing back to the ghost in the very first episode, where is that and where does it all tie in?” I know Ron is start­ing to play a lot with time­lines.

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