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Claire has re­ally res­onated with view­ers. Why do you like her?

She feels like some­one who is con­stantly living in the mo­ment. I love that she didn’t crum­ble into a lit­tle ball. She fig­ures out how to get through the sit­u­a­tion but also ap­pre­ci­ates what she was experiencing at the time.

Claire’s part­ner­ship with Jamie is nec­es­sary for her safety. What kind of act­ing part­ner is Sam Heughan?

From day one at my test, when you meet him he’s just one of the most non- ego- y peo­ple. He’s gen­uine and so sup­port­ive. We def­i­nitely lean on each other and make sure we are sur­viv­ing.

How of­ten do you re­fer to the books?

The scripts are very true to the books but I do go back and do re- reads. I have been a lit­tle shy about ask­ing [ au­thor] Diana Ga­bal­don any­thing be­cause I feel like so far she says she’s happy about what I’m do­ing so I don’t want to rock the boat.

What are some high­lights of the sec­ond half of the sea­son?

I think we’re all very con­scious of try­ing to make ev­ery­thing good but there have been some tough scenes. The scenes in Fort Wil­liam with Black Jack and Claire were in­tense. And there’s the show­down be­tween Jamie and Claire af­ter he res­cues her and they lay their cards down. It was a great scene to film.

How was it shoot­ing the scene that vi­su­alised Claire’s time travel?

I love the way they tack­led that be­cause it could so eas­ily go gim­micky: pass­ing through a vor­tex. No one wanted to go down that road so I loved what they came up with. They had a car frame on a me­chan­i­cal arm so we’d start out up­side down and then they would flip the car and this guy was throw­ing rub­berised glass at me. It was quite funny.

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