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Cli­mate change and the eco­log­i­cal im­pact of hu­man­ity’s pres­ence on the planet are never far from the head­lines. Sur­face Ten­sion, a new five- is­sue, cre­ator- owned se­ries from writer/ artist Ja­son Gunn asks: if some­body had the power to change the world would things get bet­ter? Or would it just go hor­ri­bly wrong?

“I wanted to make a story about some­thing – the de­bate about sav­ing the planet,” Gunn tells Red Alert. “Noth­ing is clear- cut in real life and I re­ally wanted to get that across in the story, among all the ac­tion and the mon­sters!”

Set amid a small is­land com­mu­nity one year af­ter a mys­te­ri­ous sea sick­ness caused 99% of the world’s pop­u­la­tion to walk out into the oceans and never re­turn, two of the in­fected emerge from the waves with blue skin and no mem­ory of who they are or where they’ve been. Mean­while bi­ol­o­gists Megumi Suzuki and Eric Gravin­sky dis­cover an ob­ject ca­pa­ble of clean­ing the world’s wa­ters – some­thing that could save or de­stroy mankind.

“The is­lan­ders don’t have any real un­der­stand­ing of how the sick­ness works,” Gunn ex­plains. “As the mem­o­ries of the two sur­vivors re­turn we start to learn more about how this event orig­i­nated and what it means for us. The first is­sue is quite a small snap­shot, but it starts open­ing up as ev­ery is­sue is re­leased. The mys­tery is un­locked is­sue by is­sue.”

With a colour­ful art style and crea­ture de­sign in­flu­enced by the films of Hayao Miyazaki, Gunn was keen to dis­tance his tale from the doom and gloom of other eco- poca­lypse sto­ries. “One thing I was very mind­ful of with the story was not to make it too hip­py­ish or too de­press­ing, be­cause I wanted to do some­thing that ac­tu­ally was quite hope­ful about the fu­ture, among all the de­struc­tion that was go­ing on in the story.”

“It can be done well and it can be done shit. The best CGI has you for­get­ting its CGI, and ac­cept­ing the vis­ual as what­ever it is sup­posed to be. Like props. No one has an is­sue with ‘ props’ in film, do they?” Don’t slag off CGI in front of Dun­can Jones.

Sur­face Ten­sion is re­leased by Ti­tan on 27 May.

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