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Team Archie Meets Team Preda­tor

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Af­ter tak­ing on the UN­DEAD IN Af­ter­life With Archie, Archie An­drews will be tak­ing on an even more for­mi­da­ble foe in April’s Archie Vs Preda­tor. Co- pub­lished by Dark Horse and Archie Comics, the four- is­sue minis­eries will, ac­cord­ing to writer Alex De Campi, not ac­tu­ally em­u­late the Archie Hor­ror­verse’s darker, more noirish tone.

“I re­fer to it as the ‘ Archie Splat­ter­verse’, where there’s more com­edy, and more gore,” says De Campi. “Teen drama and com­edy is one of my favourite things to write, and ev­ery­one loves a good teen slasher, don’t they? The gig was like, ‘ Let’s put all the awe­some things in a box and hit puree!’”

With De Campi drawing on the first Preda­tor film for “the rules of the fran­chise”, Archie and friends cross paths with the alien hunter af­ter Jug­head wins a crisp packet com­pe­ti­tion for a spring break in Costa Rica. “The tour guide says ‘ don’t go into the jun­gle!’ But, of course, what hap­pens when you tell a teenager not to do some­thing?” teases De Campi.

Apart from Archie him­self, ex­pect ap­pear­ances from many other regular char­ac­ters in­clud­ing Kevin Keller and Sab­rina. “She has one of the most de­light­ful and crazy sub­plots in the whole book,” says De Campi. “And I’m hav­ing so much fun with Betty and Veron­ica, with the ri­valry and the snark.”

De Campi is also full of praise for artist Fer­nando Ruiz. “He’s tweaked his style to be a bit more in the old EC Comics/ War­ren tra­di­tion,” she says. “When bad things hap­pen – and they do, a lot – Fer­nando re­ally brings the hor­ror!”

Archie Vs Preda­tor is pub­lished on 15 April.

Things You Never Ex­pected No 7,344.

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