Judge­ment Day

Liam Cun­ning­ham rains ret­ri­bu­tion on a psy­cho- filled precinct

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Get­ing to shoot in Roger

Cor­man’s old Ir­ish stu­dio Spid­dal was a real treat for first- time direc­tor Brian O’Mal­ley, even if they did al­most burn it down. “About 80% of the in­ferno you see on­screen was real,” he ex­plains of the cli­mac­tic scenes. “It was in­tensely ter­ri­fy­ing, but gave a much bet­ter re­sult.”

Let Us Prey is a brood­ing gothic hor­ror with the sen­si­bil­i­ties of a clas­sic West­ern that pits Pollyanna McIn­tosh’s Rachel against an an­tag­o­nis­tic col­lec­tion of cops and crim­i­nals. Set in a ru­ral Scot­tish town, the im­pos­ing Six ( Game Of Thrones’ Liam Cun­ning­ham) is locked up in the cells of a po­lice sta­tion where Rachel is spend­ing a rough first night in her new job. As well as fac­ing a hos­tile boss ( Dou­glas Rus­sell) and some bitchy co- work­ers, she be­gins to sus­pect that there is judge­ment op­er­at­ing above the law; some­thing far more pow­er­ful than she can ini­tially com­pre­hend.

A mod­ern hy­brid of Twi­light Zone- style moral­ity tale and su­per­nat­u­ral siege movie, Let Us Prey aims to cre­ate the aes­thetic of an old- school favourite. “We shot on ’ 80s anamor­phic lenses to cre­ate the tex­ture you might find in a clas­sic Car­pen­ter fea­ture,” O’Mal­ley ex­plains. “We want the film to be some­what time­less. To fur­ther ac­cen­tu­ate this, there is also a mix­ture of cos­tumes and tech­nol­ogy that blurs the ex­act date in which the film is set.”

Cun­ning­ham was par­tic­u­larly ex­cited to be fac­ing off against McIn­tosh, “There aren’t too many strong fe­male leads apart from Ri­p­ley in Alien,” he said. McIn­tosh, mean­while, rel­ishes her new role as an ac­tion hero: “Who doesn’t want to put on a cop uni­form and kick ass?”

Let Us Prey opens on 24 April.

A touch of As­sault On Precinct 13 go­ing on here?

Liam Cun­ning­ham plays a char­ac­ter by the name of Six.

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