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Martha Kent in Smal­lville

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Hav­ing played Clark Kent’s

teenage love in­ter­est Lana Lang in 1983’ s Su­per­man III it wouldn’t have crossed vet­eran actress An­nette O’Toole’s mind that al­most two decades later she’d be por­tray­ing his adopted mother Martha in Supes com­ing of age TV se­ries Smal­lville. We spoke to O’Toole about be­ing ma­ter­nal to the man in blue.

Would you like to play martha kent again?

No, af­ter do­ing it for six years straight and then a few episodes I feel like I’ve kind of cov­ered it.

What’s the strangest re­quest you’ve had from a fan?

I guess a lip print but that’s not even strange. I don’t get strange re­quests usu­ally.

Would any of martha’s skills or at­tributes be use­ful i n real life?

I like the way in Smal­lville Martha Kent was a daugh­ter of a lawyer and was go­ing to be a lawyer her­self and that af­ter Jonathan’s death she starts go­ing back into pol­i­tics be­cause Clark is grow­ing up and she knows he doesn’t need her so she starts pur­su­ing that.

I s there any­thing you think was un­fin­ished about martha’s story?

I felt there were things that were un­ex­plored about her through­out. But I un­der­stand why we didn’t go there be­cause it be­came a show much more about the kids – that was the au­di­ence for it and that was a much more in­ter­est­ing story for them than Martha Kent, so I to­tally get it.

Did you get any sou­venirs from the set?

They gave me the back of my direc­tor’s chair with my name on it in Smal­lville, which they framed and pre­sented to me – that was nice. I’ve got it out in our lit­tle pool house.

i s there Any­thing from the show you wish was real?

Fly­ing! I would love to be able to fly. We re­cently took a trip on a catamaran in Hawaii. I stood up at the very front of the boat and leaned for­ward and I couldn’t see any­thing but wa­ter and I felt for the first time that feel­ing of fly­ing and I thought about Smal­lville and how great that was.

What would i t say on martha’s grave­stone?

She was a good mother.

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