Dou­glas Wick

Pro­ducer of The Diver­gent Se­ries: In­sur­gent

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Veron­ica Roth’s Diver­gent books are in­cred­i­bly popular. Did you worry that mak­ing changes to the story would alien­ate the fans? We con­stantly check our­selves to say that what­ever ad­just­ments we’re mak­ing as the writ­ers come in should build on, and sort of do jazz vari­a­tions on, Veron­ica’s melody. We have to make sure they’re still hit­ting our guts the way the book does.

Was it free­ing to come into this movie with your world al­ready built? We did a lot of work es­tab­lish­ing it the first time, so now we get to do much more ex­plor­ing and play with it. When­ever you do world build­ing, that’s the luxury of the next movie if you’re suc­cess­ful – mak­ing the world co­her­ent and en­gag­ing.

You also have the handy plot de­vice of sim­u­la­tions that al­low you to get in­side your char­ac­ters’ heads... It’s such an op­por­tu­nity. Tris is a young woman deal­ing with her anger and rage, and how much she can con­trol it. She has to face the things that she’s most an­gry about – to face Kate Winslet in the sim and try to con­trol her anger. And then when that anger erupts, we have bril­liant vis­ual ef­fects artists who can say, “Okay, this is what her erupt­ing anger would be like in a sim.” With com­puter graph­ics now you can do any­thing, so it be­comes all the more im­por­tant to do some­thing spe­cific. They make it feel ex­actly how rage feels from in­side. Richard Ed­wards

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