Hot Tub Time Ma­chine 2

Bath To The Fu­ture

SFX - - Rated / Cinema -

Re­lease Date: 10 April 15 | 93 min­utes Direc­tor: Steve Pink Cast: Rob Corddry, Craig Robin­son, Clark Duke, Adam Scott, Chevy Chase

This nit- wit­ted se­quel

to an al­ready- forgotten raunch- com omits t he star- power and kitsch ap­peal of t he orig inal for a se­ries of if fy “f uture shock” gags. In t he orig inal Hot Tub Time Ma­chine, John Cu­sack and his id­i­otic friends take a dip into the tit­u­lar plot de­vice and zip back to the ’ 80s to right a few wrongs and chase around their teenage crushes. Smartly, Cu­sack sits out the se­quel, but the rest of the crew are back for an­other round of time- jump­ing an­tics.

Corddry’s Lou Dorchen – in­ven­tor of bil­lion dollar in­ter­net search en­gine “Lougle” – is fa­tally shot in the crotch dur­ing a party. The gang gets drunk and hits the hot tub to go back in time and stop the mur­der. In­stead, they accidentally zoom 10 years into the fu­ture. Whoops. When they get there, they find that Lou’s still alive. Or is he?

There are some clever mo­ments amidst all the gun­shots- to- the- balls aw­ful­ness, in­clud­ing a sur­pris­ing and very funny cameo by Chevy Chase and a witty “What if ?” end- credit se­quence, but for the most part, the film clob­bers you with gross ideas like a fu­ture game show where the loser en­dures forced anal sex. While slight, the orig­i­nal at least had the ben­e­fit of gra­tu­itous ’ 80s nos­tal­gia and the time­less charm of Cu­sack. The fol­low- up just feels like half- baked sketch com­edy.

Per­haps the fun­ni­est thing about this se­quel is that it ex­ists at all. Who asked for it? And what’s next, Sex Drive 2? Ken McIn­tyre Clark Duke is a big comic book fan. Re­cently he’s been en­joy­ing They’re Not Like Us, Sex Crim­i­nals and Satel­lite Sam.

Barry’s bowl of soup had very strange croutons.

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