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Four more science fic­tion sin­gu­lar­i­ties

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Doc­tor Who, “The Three Doc­tors” 1972- 1973

The Time Lords owe their mighty pow­ers to the Eye of Har­mony, the nu­cleus of a black hole cre­ated by stel­lar en­gi­neer Omega. In Who’s tenth an­niver­sary team- up, the Sec­ond and Third Doc­tors jour­ney through the event hori­zon into an anti- mat­ter uni­verse shaped by the venge­ful Gal­lifreyan’s will. It looks pretty much like Cromer. Into In­fin­ity 1975

Shot by Gerry An­der­son in- be­tween sea­sons of Space: 1999, this one- off spe­cial/ un­suc­cess­ful pi­lot aimed to in­tro­duce kids to con­cepts like the the­ory of rel­a­tiv­ity. BRIAN BLESSED is among the crew of a faster- thanlight ves­sel that ul­ti­mately passes through a black hole into a par­al­lel uni­verse where space is blue, not black. Event Hori­zon 1997

Hey, you! Don’t fit a grav­ity drive which gen­er­ates ar­ti­fi­cial black holes to power your space­ship. You’ll prob­a­bly just cre­ate a gate­way into a hell di­men­sion, leav­ing your ship with an evil mind of its own – and the abil­ity to tor­ment any­one on board with hor­ri­fy­ing hal­lu­ci­na­tions. Which is re­ally an­noy­ing. Star Trek 2009

Black holes can also be used for time travel, as Nero dis­cov­ers when one flings him back 25 years. They can also be weaponised, as the narked Ro­mu­lan demon­strates when he spanks Spock for fail­ing to save his home­world by gen­er­at­ing one deep in­side Vul­can. Why he doesn’t just send Spock a text read­ing, “Get your pointy- eared ass to Ro­mu­lus ear­lier!”, lord only knows.

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