Drink from a freshly- bit­ten neck ev­ery time…

SFX - - Rated / Dvd & Blu-Ray -

Olivia and Ro­man have a bla­tantly in­ces­tu­ous ex­change. It’s re­vealed that some­one isn’t who they say they are. An in­con­gru­ous dub­step track plays over an ac­tion se­quence. Olivia does some­thing un­char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally nice ( fin­ish the bot­tle when she sings karaoke). Ro­man’s child goes all Rose­mary’s Baby. Nor­man turns up in a grump. There’s a ho­mo­erotic mo­ment be­tween Peter and Ro­man. Some­one tries to do some­thing nice for Shel­ley, only for it to go hor­ri­bly wrong. Ro­man’s house staff are mean to Mi­randa for no rea­son.

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