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2015 | 15 | Blu- ray/ DVD The re­lease of this Robert Heinlein adap­ta­tion was an­nounced too late for us to run a larger re­view – a shame, be­cause we rather liked it. The film fol­lows the orig­i­nal 1958 short story pretty closely, but adds an ad­di­tional bonkers twist. Ethan Hawke plays a bar­tender lis­ten­ing to a guy’s tragic life story; he, it emerges, was for­merly a she, and the bar­tender’s ac­tu­ally a tem­po­ral agent out to re­cruit him. We said: “An in­creas­ingly jaw- drop­ping tale of tem­po­ral para­dox, pre­sented with con­sid­er­able noirish pe­riod style”, but noted, “Brought to life by flesh and blood ac­tors, the story’s per­verse cen­tral premise be­comes a whole lot harder to swallow.”

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