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2011 | 15 | DVD Anime’s never short of crazy ideas, but Ben- To’s high con­cept is a whopper. In this 12- part se­ries, war­rior tribes fight fe­ro­cious grav­ity- de­fy­ing bat­tles… for bar­gain meals in Tokyo su­per­mar­kets! Yes, re­ally. The fights play like Scott Pil­grim in a gro­cery store, with chop­sticks par­tic­u­larly to the fore, though it helps if you’ve seen other zany anime, like Good Luck Girl!, to get the show’s wave­length. It’s broad slap­stick, full of stock sit­u­a­tions and schoolkids, but many gags hit home and the ab­sur­dism lifts it up. As in Amer­i­can Pie, the wish- ful­fil­ment eye- candy of the cute/ sexy girls is bal­anced ( a bit) by the painful hu­mil­i­a­tions of the school­boy hero.

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