The De­vice

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2014 | 15 | DVD

The cover art for The De­vice sug­gests some­thing cy­ber­punky. It’s noth­ing of the sort. The “de­vice” is just a large black mar­ble, while the gen­eral tone of this low- bud­get hor­ror is “dullest episode of The X- Files ever”.

While com­pe­tently shot, and acted with a com­mit­ment way be­yond the call of duty, there’s no dis­guis­ing the script’s con­veyor belt of clichés. A dispir­it­ingly over- familiar tale of es­tranged sis­ters, a cabin in the woods, a rape that’s ac­tu­ally aliens, a pos­sessed boyfriend and alien greys who in­ex­pli­ca­bly hang around in forests giv­ing women night­mares, it’s also im­mensely dull. You can prob­a­bly work out the plot – and the “twist” – from that de­scrip­tion alone.

There aren’t even any de­cent gore or ef­fec­tive hor­ror mo­ments to re­deem it. Ut­terly te­dious.

None. Dave Golder

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