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Re­lease Date: 6 April

2014 | 15 | DVD

An­other found- footage Big­foot flick? Th­ese bug­gers are breed­ing in the woods…

This one’s di­rected by Ed­uardo Sanchez, who pretty much cre­ated the whole cam­corder­sploita­tion genre with 1999’ s The Blair Witch Project. It feels crush­ingly over­fa­mil­iar: kids dis­cover wood­land cabin, point Go­Pro cam­era at trees, be­come Sasquatch bait. As char­ac­ters they’re ciphers float­ing free of back­story, given to declar­ing, “It was fuck­ing Big­foot, dude!” as if the film’s about to tip into self- par­ody at any mo­ment.

Big­foot him­self im­presses, but he’s a man in a monkey suit com­pared to the bril­liantly ab­stract shiv­ers of Blair Witch. And Sanchez’s di­rec­to­rial tricks, once so fresh, so star­tling, feel tired in the age of Vine and YouTube.

Mak­ing Of; fea­turette; deleted scenes. Nick Setch­field

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