Mankind’s Last Stand

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Re­lease Date: 20 April

2015 | 15 | DVD

Although mar­keted as a found- footage fea­ture, Mankind’s Last Stand can be more ac­cu­rately filed un­der “mock­u­men­tary”. Fol­low­ing a pla­toon of gum- chewin’ Amer­i­can GIs across Afghanistan and Pak­istan as they go head to head with the last rem­nants of an alien in­va­sion force, the movie flashes be­tween ki­netic, CGI­drenched shoot-’ em- ups and stan­dard talk­ing head mono­logues.

Direc­tor Jab­bar Raisani uses the Mid­dle Eastern set­ting to make some clunky par­al­lels with the War on Ter­ror, but the flimsy rent- a- grunt char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion and weak­ness for mil­i­tary movie clichés mean that the film never man­ages to tran­scend its cash- strapped bud­get.

Mak­ing Of; deleted scenes. Steve O’Brien

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