Res­i­dent Evil Rev­e­la­tions 2

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For­mat re­viewed: PS4 Also avail­able on: PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC Pub­lisher: Cap­com

Rev­e­la­tions 2

wants to be The Last Of Us. In terms of pac­ing, its buddy char­ac­ter setup and other me­chan­ics, Cap­com has crafted a four- episode hor­ror/ ac­tion hy­brid with a smoul­der­ing crush on Naughty Dog’s dooms­day clas­sic. Hey, if you’re go­ing to aim big, shoot for the stars… or, in this case, at least try to kneecap the Moon.

Whether in­ten­tion­ally or not, Cap­com has stum­bled upon an in­tox­i­cat­ing for­mula ( lit­er­ally, there are ne­far­i­ous viruses wher­ever you look) in this fairly fo­cused com­pro­mise of old- and new- school hor­ror. Try to think of Rev­e­la­tions as a sort of Franken­stein’s mon­ster of hor­ror video games. There are bits of Resi 6, the PS1 games and the afore­men­tioned The Last Of Us here, all peek­ing out at us from be­tween the botched stitches and head bolts. Tak­ing a cue from Leon, Chris and Jake Muller’s bloated un­dead three- way, you’ll find guns and ammo aplenty, an ath­letic evade ma­noeu­vre and loads of “kind of a zom­bie, but not re­ally a zom­bie” crit­ters to down.

So what’s stop­ping this from scor­ing higher? Plain stupid de­sign de­ci­sions. Firstly, bosses are uni­formly aw­ful. There’s a cer­tain bas­tard who’s so wear­ing to fight, you’ll drop the dif­fi­culty to Ca­sual af­ter 30 min­utes of fee­bly try­ing to burn his mu­tated rump. Rev 2 is also blighted by some harsh check­points: pre­pare to be plonked back five- plus min­utes with sod all health too of­ten.

But it’s a lean hor­ror hy­brid that gels dif­fer­ent eras of Resi into an en­joy­able un­dead up­start. Lin­ger­ing prob­lems from the old PS3 games re­main, yet this is a re­turn to form for the leg­endary spook­ster. Yes, the ac­tion is still a tad schlocky, the script crude and the bosses pap. But Rev­e­la­tions 2’ s hor­ror highs ex­punge the rot­ting DNA brought over from Resi 6. Dave Meik­le­ham Don’t buy the re­tail box, un­less you like pay­ing £ 9 ex­tra for a box and noth­ing else. We’d go for the £ 20 sea­son pass.

We keep fir­ing, they keep com­ing.

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