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It’s a vlog’s life

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Ten parts ( Four to nine min­utes each) Dis­trib­u­tor: Wild­seed Stu­dios Direc­tor: Andy Mosse

Phillip Hu­man ( Paul

Neafcy) is a vlog­ger. And like any other vlog­ger, he’s keen to show view­ers around his bed­room, in­tro­duce them to his pets, and get them to com­ment on his videos. Un­like most vlog­gers, though, Phillip is a mon­ster – as in “Franken­stein’s”. Over the course of this 10- part web se­ries, Phillip ex­plores his weird world, and ul­ti­mately finds out what he’s made of.

Slickly shot, with some im­pres­sive set de­sign, there’s a charm­ing silli­ness to the se­ries. Mostly, that’s due to Neafcy’s lack of self- con­scious­ness, which lets him gurn and roll around with un­con­strained glee. Un­der­neath that silli­ness, though, is an aw­ful lot of sad­ness. Phillip is a lost soul, a child­like per­sona trapped in the scarred- up body of a man, and while the ini­tial joke is that he doesn’t re­alise he’s not nor­mal, that soon stops be­ing funny. In­stead, it’s just kind of tragic.

There’s some smart sub­ver­sion of in­ter­net memes in the lat­ter half of the se­ries, but all the ac­tion is saved for the last episode; given the for­mat, that feels like a mis­take, since the first few episodes don’t of­fer enough in­cen­tive for view­ers to come back for more.

The whole thing ends on a cliffhanger, but with most of the story’s plot­lines wrapped up, the big­gest ques­tion it poses is, “Wait, how did he upload that?” If there’s go­ing to be a sec­ond se­ries, the writ­ers will need to find a way to in­ject more life into their hor­ror com­edy cre­ation with­out turn­ing it into a lum­ber­ing abom­i­na­tion. Sarah Dobbs The se­ries also fea­tures Katy Carmichael, prob­a­bly best known to SFX read­ers for her role in Spaced, as Daisy’s friend Twist.

Paul Neafcy stars as the mon­ster vlog­ger.

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