Know your Stu­dio Ghi­bli as well as, say, Miyazaki?

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1 What was the first film pro­duced by Stu­dio Ghi­bli? 2 Dur­ing the fa­mous scene at the bus stop in My Neigh­bour To­toro, what does To­toro have on his head? 3 To­toro was re­leased on the same day in Ja­pan as which other Ghi­bli film? 4 The look of the city in Kiki’s De­liv­ery Ser­vice was in­spired by which Euro­pean coun­try? 5 Porco Rosso was based on a manga writ­ten by Hayao Miyazaki, true or false? 6 Who voices Porco in the Dis­ney dub? 7 Who wrote the English adap­ta­tion of Princess Mononoke? 8 Which NSFW body part is fre­quently vis­i­ble on the rac­coon dogs in Pom Poko? 9 What is the full name of the cane- wield­ing cat in this pic­ture? 1 0 How many an­i­ma­tion cels were cre­ated for Princess

Mononoke: 144,000, 262,000 or

500,000? 1 1 What name is Chi­hiro given by Yubaba when she ar­rives at the bathouse in Spir­ited Away?

1 2 The Cat Re­turns is an in­di­rect se­quel to which non- SF Ghi­bli film? 1 3 Howl’s Mov­ing Cas­tle walks on limbs re­sem­bling what? 1 4 What is the name of Hayao Miyazaki’s son, direc­tor of

Tales From Earth­sea? 1 5 Fin­ish the first line of Ponyo’s English theme song: “Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo…”

1 6 Ar­ri­etty is an adap­ta­tion of which beloved Bri­tish fan­tasy novel? 1 7 One Ghi­bli film has yet to be re­leased in the UK – what is it called? 1 8 Who wrote the mu­sic for ev­ery Miyazaki- di­rected Ghi­bli film? 1 9 Stu­dio Ghi­bli pro­duced the cutscenes for which PlaySta­tion 3 RPG? 20 Which Ghi­bli film is still the high­est gross­ing movie ever re­leased in Ja­pan?

Away Spir­ited 20 Kuni No Ni 19 Hi­saishi Joe 18 There Was Marnie When 17 Bor­row­ers The 16 sea” the in fishy “… 15 Goro 14 feet Bird 13 Heart The Of Whis­pers 12 Sen 11 144,000 10 Gikkin­gen von Hum­bert Baron 9 tes­ti­cles Their 8 Gaiman Neil 7 Keaton Michael 6 True 5 Swe­den 4 Fire­flies The Of Grave 3 leaf A 2 Sky The In Cas­tle 1 An­swers

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