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King­pin’s a key player in Dare­devil sea­son one, but which other comic vil­lains could stop by the show?

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Ob­vi­ously. He won’t show up in Dare­devil’s first sea­son ( no doubt be­cause we’re still suf­fer­ing from Colin Far­rell flash­backs), but he’ll have to crop up even­tu­ally. A homi­ci­dal ma­niac who has hal­lu­ci­na­tions thanks to a nasty brain tu­mour, he’s ba­si­cally the Joker of the Marvel- verse and King­pin’s chief as­sas­sin.

Ty­phoid Mary

No su­per­hero is com­plete with­out a tor­tured ro­mance, and Dare­devil’s had his share. One of his most no­table was this tele­ki­netic trou­ble- maker, orig­i­nally hired by King­pin to as­sas­si­nate Dare­devil. Mary briefly falls in love with the tor­tured do- gooder, only to ditch him for, uh, King­pin. Make up your mind, love.


A black- cowled men­ace who’s re­peat­edly caused trou­ble for Dare­devil, Mis­ter Fear was orig­i­nally one of Mur­dock’s law class­mates. He pitches up later as a drug pusher whose prod­uct trans­forms peo­ple into sui­ci­dal psy­chotics. When he gives the drug to Mur­dock’s wife, Mis­ter Fear makes things even more per­sonal. Yeah, dark.

The Hand

He’s named af­ter a body part ( ooo, scary), but the Hand is ac­tu­ally one of the big­gest play­ers in the Marvel- verse. Cre­ated by Frank Miller, he’s the leader of a deadly group of ninja as­sas­sins who trade in sorcery so po­tent they can cheat death. Though the Hand ap­peared in Elek­tra ( 2005), he’s def­i­nitely due a redo.


Though ini­tially sort of a lame su­per- vil­lain when he was in­tro­duced in the ’ 60s ( his power: uh, glid­ing short dis­tances), Owl later be­came an in­sid­i­ous and de­cep­tive vil­lain who, at one point, ruled New York’s crim­i­nal un­der­world – and even got King­pin him­self charged with mur­der. He’s a hoot a minute.

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