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I felt I should write re­gard­ing Marvel’s re­boot­ing of the re­boot of the Spi­der- Man movies from 2012 – a whole three years ago. Barely. Re­ally, Hol­ly­wood? Is that where we are now? It’s like that bit in Fu­tu­rama where a show is can­celled in the trailer.

It was good to hear that Marvel had worked out a deal with Sony to get Spidey in Marvel movies – un­til it was an­nounced that this would mean a ( hasty) re­cast­ing of the role, and a new movie, with prob­a­bly a new direc­tor. Oh, and that Sin­is­ter Six film has been put back ( read qui­etly dropped).

Erm… sorry? That’s all eas­ier than writ­ing a scene in a film, say Avengers 3, with Spidey in? Or a short scene with An­drew Garfield’s Spidey in Cap­tain Amer­ica? It can’t be too hard to put him into a Marvel movie. To prove it, I have writ­ten a short scene with him in for Avengers 3.

Scene: A huge battle in New York. Oh, yeah, they did that. How about Rother­ham? Set­tled.

The Avengers: Are nearly over­whelmed when a fig­ure swings in, quickly tak­ing out sev­eral op­po­nents and buy­ing the Avengers some time.

The Avengers: “Where have you been?” Spi­der- Man: “It’s com­pli­cated.” All that ridicu­lous red tape with Sony dealt with in two words. This feels like Marvel’s first cin­e­matic mis­step, but it’s a big one.

Chris Thorpe, Don­caster Why are they ditch­ing An­drew Garfield? Well… it’s com­pli­cated. And pos­si­bly some­thing to do with two mas­sive legal teams clonking heads over some very sticky movie rights.

Will Spidey be a bless­ing or a curse for the MCU?

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