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No Ori­gin Story

1 By far your big­gest re­quest was that the new solo Spidey movie skips the ori­gin story. You could say Un­cle Ben’s been done to death ( arf ). “To do it again would be a waste of screen time,” says Reg­u­lus VanHels­ing via Face­book.

Miles Man­nered

2 Sony and Marvel go­ing with Miles Mo­rales over Peter Parker is some­thing IJ Bai­ley would en­cour­age. “At this point I’d much pre­fer Miles Mo­rales. I don’t think they could real­is­ti­cally merge Peter Parker’s story with the story of the Marvel Cin­e­matic Uni­verse at this point.”

Bring Back JJJ

3 An­other very popular choice was the re­turn of news­pa­per mogul J Jonah Jame­son, and there’s only one man you’d like to see at the head of the Daily Bu­gle. “J Jonah Jame­son played again by the awe­some JK Sim­mons,” says Ed­ward Ter­rell, echo­ing the opin­ion of, well, ev­ery­one.

New Vil­lains

4 De­spite ex­chang­ing blows with seven dif­fer­ent su­pervil­lains over the course of five Spi­der- Man films Hol­ly­wood has barely made a dent in the Web­slinger’s rogues’ gallery, which is why you’d like a vil­lain ( note the sin­gu­lar) new to the big screen take cen­tre stage, or at the very least an old favourite done jus­tice. “An en­tirely new vil­lain like Kraven ( or Car­nage if you wanna draw in the crowds),” says Joel New­ton.

Keep It Street Level

5 A great idea to com­ple­ment the world-threat­en­ing sto­ries ev­ery other su­per­hero film deals in – take Spidey back to ba­sics. “A good street level story. Use King­pin. If they need su­pervil­lains maybe adapt Kraven’s Last Hunt,” says Man­icben.

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