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A proper Venom arc played out across three films and cul­mi­nat­ing with Car­nage as the pri­mary vil­lain of the third film. Marc Farmer

Don­ald Glover as Miles Mo­rales. Any­one who’s seen Com­mu­nity knows he’d be per­fect. Sarah Watts

I re­ally, re­ally want to see the gobby wise­crack­ing teenage Peter Parker. I don’t want angst, I want chutzpah and the Web­head to shine. Catherine Nu­gent

A Green Goblin that looks like the orig­i­nal Goblin and not a de­mented Power Ranger. Mark Hogg

Spidey grew up in the comics, he should be al­lowed to do so on screen. Gary Mancini

Chameleon or Kraven the Hunter ( done well). Chris Wing

No ori­gin story needed, ev­ery­one knows how he got his pow­ers. Ja­son Davies

Lo­gan Ler­man from Percy Jack­son as Spidey, Chris Pratt as the Vul­ture and Emma Wat­son as Mary Jane. Kevin Hall

A fun, angst- free crime- fight­ing romp fea­tur­ing lit­tle or no Parker fam­ily non­sense. Paolo Bianco

I want Venom, Car­nage or Toxin. Ja­cob Chrisp

Lo­gan Ler­man as Peter Parker would be great; also a new vil­lain we haven’t seen on the big screen be­fore. Paul Downey

Sim­ple: Ice­man and Firestar. Gra­ham Sty­gall

Mary Jane, J Jonah Jame­son, Flash Thomp­son, Kraven and no ori­gin story: per­fect. Keith Baker

A Toby Maguire- star­ring Spi­der- Man 4 about where is he now. Do­minic Was­den

Bring Bol­ly­wood in to the MCU by hav­ing the Pavitr Prab­hakar Spi­der- Man. Himesh Malde

Black Cat and Sil­ver Sable. Balsa And­b­jorck

The King­pin and Green Goblin ( with the comic book look from the ’ 70s). Mark Baker

Mor­bius the Vam­pire. Terry West­mor­land

NO OR IGIN STORY . NO OR IGIN STORY . But, be­sides that, NO OR IGIN STORY . FlangeBadger

Mary Jane Ema Wat­son

King­pin Vin­cent D’Onofrio Miles Mo­rales/ Spi­der- Man

Don­ald Glover J Jonah Jame­son

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