Robert Ro­driguez

The From Dusk Till Dawn head hon­cho likes his fan­tasy snappy

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Favo urite SF/ fan­tasy Film

Jaws. It opened on my birth­day when I was seven years old, 20 June 1975. So Jaws is my big­gest in­flu­ence prob­a­bly. When Greg Ni­cotero found out my birth­day was the day Jaws was re­leased he was like, “Oh, I’m so jeal­ous! Oh my god, I wish I was born on Jaws day!” That’s how he al­ways re­mem­bers my birth­day. He goes, “I know, be­cause it was the day Jaws was re­leased.” We went on a great white shark dive — I took him for his 40th birth­day, and we came this close to get­ting munched.

Favo urite SF/ fan­tasy TV

Well, The X- Files. I think that was one of my favourite sci- fi shows. Kolchak when I was a kid, The Night Stalker. That was the first one I saw that re­ally jazzed me as a kid.

Favo urite SF/ fan­tasy Comics

I grew up with Sav­age Sword Of Co­nan — the John Buscema stuff — and learn­ing to draw from that. I loved that mag­a­zine. Be­cause it was over­sized, it was black- and- white, so it was eas­ier to learn anatomy and to learn to draw. I used to col­lect that. That was my favourite. I also col­lect Frank Frazetta’s orig­i­nal [ Co­nan] art.

Favo urite SF/ fan­tasy Hero

As a kid, it was prob­a­bly Spi­der- Man and Bat­man, the typ­i­cal ones. Spi­der- Man be­cause he could run around and jump around and spin webs. Then Bat­man be­cause he had cool gear. From Dusk Till Dawn Sea­son Two comes to Net­flix later this year.

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