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SFX’s Face­book fol­low­ers give their ver­dict on the speedy DC show

It’s great fun and a wor­thy com­pan­ion piece to Ar­row. Dif­fer­ent tone but still feels part of the same uni­verse, and the cross­over episodes are a blast too. Per­son­ally, I love both shows – that’s al­lowed, isn’t it?

Steve Jewess

I never watched Ar­row but wanted to get in on this from the start. Great su­per­hero TV, makes Gotham look like the po- faced yet tonally un­bal­anced mess it is.

Neil Tex Hick­man I ac­tu­ally started watch­ing The

Flash first and en­joyed it so much I went and watched Ar­row from sea­son one. Glad I’ve watched them both now as they’re bril­liant. Makes a change from the Marvel Uni­verse too.

Daniel Pearce

It pro­vides a fun coun­ter­point to the dark­ness of Ar­row. The two com­ple­ment one an­other well.

Robert El­liott

Ar­row is bril­liant but some­times you need some­thing slightly less heavy and Flash fits the mould per­fectly. I am also en­joy­ing the nods to the comics.

Kirsty Leanne

There’s no deny­ing The Flash is en­joy­able in places ( great vis­ual ef­fects and an in­her­ent sense of fun and won­der when it comes to Barry’s pow­ers) but the sto­ry­telling feels like it’s go­ing through the mo­tions on a weekly ba­sis.

Rob Ste­wart

Bet­ter than Ar­row, but could be grit­tier. A lit­tle too 90210 for me.

Steve Barker

I don’t re­ally like it and don’t like how it’s in the same uni­verse as Ar­row when it’s a lot more fan­tas­ti­cal.

Shane McEn­tee

Closer to Smal­lville than Ar­row in terms of tone but this is not a bad thing. It is a lot of fun and the story arc is very in­trigu­ing.

James Metherell

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