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The for­mer Fire­fly be­hind crowd­funded web com­edy Con Man

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The Wray Forwa rd

“Con Man fol­lows my char­ac­ter, Wray Nerely – a strug­gling ac­tor who goes to con­ven­tions and is try­ing to re­brand him­self. He starred in Spec­trum and thought it would lead to suc­cess, like his friend Jack Moore played by Nathan Fil­lion, but he makes some bad ca­reer choices and gets pi­geon- holed. I drew from my own ex­pe­ri­ence as an ac­tor and in the con­ven­tion world. Some­times it gets very close to re­al­ity.”

Blur­ring The Lines

“What’s fun is you can have sci- fi ac­tors play­ing a ver­sion of them­selves and then also play­ing dif­fer­ent roles. Gina Tor­res will play a direc­tor, for ex­am­ple. It’ll be fun for sci- fi fans who know the back­story of all th­ese char­ac­ters and the mythol­ogy that fol­lows them.”

Fan Fic­tion

“We crowd­funded Con Man to make sure we got it right. The fans cre­ated the world. The fans taught me about con­ven­tions. I came into them right af­ter Fire­fly not re­ally know­ing any­thing. So we were hope­ful that we could do it with them, and this has been be­yond what we had hoped.”

Back I n The Driver’s Seat

“One of the rea­sons to do this was to get me and Nathan back in a space­ship. We have a show within the show, but it isn’t a space West­ern. In Spec­trum, it’s a much grander world, al­most like Bat­tlestar Galac­tica in that they’re fight­ing to save the uni­verse. I play a char­ac­ter named Cash, he’s the pi­lot and Nathan is the cap­tain but we didn’t want to pop­u­late the crew with the Fire­fly cast be­cause it won’t be as good as Fire­fly! But we have fun stuff. Amy Acker’s go­ing to be on the space­ship.”

Words Of Whe­don

“At the very be­gin­ning, I told [ Joss] my idea and he said, ‘ It sounds great. What­ever you do, don’t make fun of the fans.’ I hadn’t planned to, but it has been some guiding ad­vice. Tim Minear’s read ev­ery­thing and has been very sup­port­ive. Those are peo­ple I look up to. It’s given me the con­fi­dence to say to the fans, ‘ Hey, help me make this. Let’s do this to­gether.’”

Con Man films in June and will be re­leased later this year.

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