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The Mark of Mil­lar!

JUPITER’S LE­GACY Kings­man and Kick- Ass cre­ator Mark Mil­lar con­tin­ues his one- man in­va­sion of Hol­ly­wood. He’s now team­ing with Trans­form­ers pro­ducer Lorenzo di Bon­aven­tura on a movie ver­sion of his comic Jupiter’s Le­gacy. Co- cre­ated with Frank Quitely, it’s a multi- gen­er­a­tional su­per­hero tale, ex­plor­ing the lives of su­per­pow­ered off­spring in the long, span­dex- clad shadow of their par­ents. “What ap­pealed to me was the emo­tional weight of the fam­ily dy­namic in Shake­spearean fash­ion,” says di Bon­aven­tura. Mil­lar says: “His plan is just seis­mic. The tal­ent he’s talk­ing about be­hind the cam­era con­vinced me to re­lin­quish the rights to my most trea­sured book and now I just can’t wait to see where this goes.” Mil­lar’s time- bend­ing Chrononauts is also screen-bound, with Fast Five’s Chris Mor­gan pro­duc­ing.

Vir­tual Spiel­berg!

READY PLAYER ONE Steven Spiel­berg’s back in the pop­corn SF game – and it feels like a per­fect fit. The Great Beard’s at­tached to di­rect the big- screen take on this novel by Ernest Cline, the tale of a teen named Wade Watts on a trea­sure hunt in a vir­tual re­al­ity realm known as OA­SIS. The book’s a hymn to Am­blin era pop cul­ture – there’s even a cameo by the fly­ing DeLorean from Back To The Fu­ture Part II – so the fact that Spiel­berg ’s helm­ing the adap­ta­tion is a whole funky bar­rel of meta. “We have al­ways felt that Steven was the dream direc­tor for this project,” says Warner Bros pres­i­dent Greg Sil­ver­man. It’s been a buzz mag­net prop­erty in Hol­ly­wood for a while now – ev­ery­one from Christo­pher Nolan to Peter Jack­son to Robert Ze­meckis to Edgar Wright have been po­ten­tial di­rec­tors. The lat­est ver­sion of the script’s by X2’ s Zak Penn.

Squad both­er­ers!


Warner Bros con­tinue to swell the ranks of David Ayer’s Sui­cide Squad. Frankly it’s not so much an en­sem­ble cast as a small na­tion. Lat­est ad­di­tion to the su­per-vil­lain­ous ros­ter is Lost’s Ade­wale Akin­n­uoye- Ag­baje, tapped to play Bat­man’s nemesis Killer Croc, a Gotham City crim with a rep­til­lian spin. Res­i­dent Evil fran­chise face Ray Olubowale joins him as King Shark – go on,

guess his shtick, guess it – while

Karen Fukuhara is tipped to play Plas­tique, a vil­lain from the

Firestorm comics. And no, she doesn’t wield the cos­mic power of Tup­per­ware. Scott East­wood, son of Clint, will play Steve Trevor, long­time love in­ter­est of Won­der Woman, re­cently reimag­ined in DC’s New 52 as the head of clan­des­tine or­gan­i­sa­tion AR­GUS. But will his teeth sparkle like Lyle Wag­goner’s in the ti­tles to the ’ 70s

Won­der Woman show?



If you want a pic­ture of the fu­ture imag­ine the foot of a Trans­former stamp­ing on a hu­man face… for­ever. Yes, peo­ple of planet Earth, it ap­pears we must brace our­selves for re­morse­less, un­remit­ting clank­age. Para­mount Pic­tures is plot­ting max­i­mum ex­ploita­tion of its Trans­form­ers brand, aim­ing to es­tab­lish a big- screen sand­pit to ri­val the Marvel, Star Wars and, yes,

Ghost­busters uni­verses. It’s the hot new thing, kids. The stu­dio wants writer/ pro­ducer Akiva Golds­man to as­sem­ble a writ­ers’ room, crank­ing out ideas for a po­ten­tial multi- part se­quel along­side mul­ti­ple spin- off films de­signed to squeeze ev­ery last dro­plet of bil­lion- dollar fran­chise juice. Gold­man will be teamed with direc­tor Michael Bay, pro­ducer

Lorenzo di Bon­aven­tura and

ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Steven

Spiel­berg. The rest of us still have time to load civil­i­sa­tion’s trea­sures onto a gi­ant space ark.

Da doo Tron Tron!


Fire up the light cy­cles and break out the Daft Punk: Dis­ney is of­fi­cially mov­ing for­ward with a third Tron movie. We’d call it a three­quel but you’d punch the page. This news ar­rives five years af­ter Tron 2.0, a mere blink of a neon- daz­zled eye com­pared to the near 30- year gap be­tween that se­quel and its pre­de­ces­sor. Joseph Kosin­ski re­turns as direc­tor and

stars Gar­rett Hed­lund and Olivia Wilde are also back for fur­ther ad­ven­tures in the Grid – he’s Sam, the son of the Jeff Bridges char­ac­ter in the 1982 orig­i­nal while she’s Quorra, an ass- kick­ing al­go­rithm. One ru­moured ti­tle is

Tron: As­cen­sion, an­other’s Tron: Re­demp­tion. No one’s call­ing it Tron: Elec­tric­ity Bil­lagged­don. Film­ing ’s ex­pected to begin in Van­cou­ver later this year with a po­ten­tial re­lease in 2017 or 2018.

Apoca­lypse Now!


Os­car Isaac is earn­ing his geek points. Later this year we’ll see him in an ob­scure art­house num­ber named Star Wars: The

Force Awak­ens. Next year he’s the tit­u­lar im­mor­tal vil­lain in Bryan

Singer’s X- Men: Apoca­lypse. “You find some­thing that makes it in­ter­est­ing for you,” he tells

Esquire. “The woman who in­vented Apoca­lypse, Louise

Si­mon­son, she was tasked with mak­ing a new arch vil­lain. She said ‘ Okay, I’ll make the em­bod­i­ment of the Sec­ond Com­ing with the Four Horse­men and all.’ That’s scary shit. So I’m cu­ri­ous about that. What’s the philo­soph­i­cal ex­pres­sion be­hind the apoca­lypse?” We like to think Vin­nie Jones equally pon­dered the philo­soph­i­cal ex­pres­sion be­hind Jug­ger­naut. Also head­ing for X- duty are Lana Con­dor as Ju­bilee, Olivia Munn as Psy­locke, and EastEn­ders star Ben Hardy as winged mu­tant An­gel. If the film sticks to the comics we’ll see An­gel brain­washed by Apoca­lypse and trans­formed into Archangel, leader of the Four Horse­men.

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