28 May- 6 June 2015, Venues across Lon­don Fes­ti­val direc­tor Louis Savvy on the films not to miss this year

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The Death Of Su­per­man Lives

“It’s our open­ing night film. The idea of Nic Cage with his mul­let as Su­per­man – you think, ‘ Thank god they didn’t make it.’ It looks like it would have been an in­ter­est­ing story with much more off- world and him be­ing a proper alien. The doc­u­men­tary’s got some of the pre- vis and test shots but I think I would have strug­gled with see­ing it, which is why the doc­u­men­tary’s so in­ter­est­ing.”

The Lovers

“We’ve got Roland Joffé’s new film with Josh Hart­nett. It’s set in 2020 in Amer­ica. He and his wife are marine ar­chae­ol­o­gists. They find a ship with a ring on it. Then there’s an ac­ci­dent and he ends up ef­fec­tively thrown back in time to the late 1700s and finds him­self in In­dia as a sol­dier. And then he falls in love with a war­rior princess. It’s fab­u­lous and glo­ri­ously lush with big set­pieces.”

Liza, The Fox- Fairy

“If you get a chance to watch it, it will blow your mind. It’s about a woman who’s just turn­ing 30 and is look­ing for love. She’s got this imag­i­nary friend who’s a ’ 60s Ja­panese crooner but no one else can see him and this ghostly char­ac­ter be­comes jeal­ous and starts bump­ing off any­one who has any af­fec­tion or any in­ter­est in her. It’s very comic, very dark, and com­pletely in­sane.”

Move­ment And Lo­ca­tion

“A woman comes from 400 years in the fu­ture to live in our time and she’s re­ally out of place. She gets a job work­ing for a home­less shel­ter for young peo­ple. The time trav­ellers have all got this weird mark, and she finds this girl has got one as well, and then takes her in. From there, it just gets darker. It’s fab­u­lous.”

Man Vs

“It’s lovely and re­ally fun. The main char­ac­ter runs a YouTube chan­nel show called Man Vs where he gets put into re­mote lo­ca­tions with just a ruck­sack. The first evening, there’s a mighty ex­plo­sion – it looks like a me­teor has hit the area, and from there it gets more sin­is­ter as he finds all th­ese weird things start hap­pen­ing. It’s high ac­tion and very, very be­liev­able. I highly rec­om­mend it.” sci- fi- lon­don. com

The ever chatty Kevin Smith ap­pears in The Death Of Su­per­man Lives.

The Lovers is a ro­mance span­ning 300 years.

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