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Bitchy, foul- mouthed, ob­nox­ious, scat­a­log­i­cal, ob­scene, gross, of­fen­sive... Yes, we just raided our th­e­saurus to sum up this bril­liant lit­tle E4 show, and much like Mis­fits it­self, we re­gret noth­ing. Sure, it was de­signed to shock – and shock it did, in ways rang­ing from bloody deaths to bizarre sex scenes – but mostly Mis­fits was a plea from the odd­ball mem­bers of the younger gen­er­a­tion to have their voices heard, and f ** k you if you don’t lis­ten. In short, th­ese guys were coun­cil es­tate X- Men with Asbos and bad at­ti­tudes. And they were fab­u­lous.

“At least you’re not one of Santa’s elves!”

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