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As Kansas sang to Dean and Sam Winch­ester back in sea­son one, “Carry on, my way­ward son!” And carry on they did, for 10 – soon to be 11 – sea­sons. In fact, the Winch­esters have been “sav­ing peo­ple, hunt­ing things” for so long now that they’ve al­most be­come part of the fur­ni­ture – yet some­how, even af­ter a decade, the writ­ers are still con­jur­ing fas­ci­nat­ing ad­ven­tures for them. Most re­cently, this hap­pened in a bril­liant 200th episode that thanked the fans for car­ry­ing on, too. Awww.

Well, elec­tric­ity py­lons need strap­ping fel­las to work on them.

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