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Few one- off movies do as good a job of world build­ing as Water­world, which es­tab­lishes a Planet Earth, circa 2500, in which the po­lar ice caps have melted, and the sea now cov­ers al­most all of the land. Twenty years later, we’re un­likely to ever get a se­quel to the movie, but fans can flesh out the uni­verse if they so wish. A tie- in novel pro­vides a bit more de­tail about the world, while a four- is­sue 1997 comic book se­quel does ex­ist, ti­tled Water­world: Chil­dren Of Leviathan. Kevin Cost­ner didn’t per­mit the artist to use his like­ness, which ex­plains why the Mariner un­der­goes a facelift be­tween sto­ries.

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