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Four more feath­ered fly­ing fel­lows

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This Bird­man was the hero of ’ 60s Hanna- Bar­bera toon Bird­man And The Galaxy Trio, a so­lar- pow­ered, be­winged crime­fighter given his pow­ers by the sun god Ra. The char­ac­ter was later re­vived for spoofy Adult Swim an­i­ma­tion Har­vey Bird­man, At­tor­ney At Law. Con­dor­man

In this 1981 Dis­ney film, a comic book writer ( Michael Craw­ford) gets mixed up in the world of in­ter­na­tional es­pi­onage, and ends up us­ing a wing- suit based on his lat­est cre­ation to res­cue a beau­ti­ful KGB de­fec­tor ( Bond girl Bar­bara Car­rera). Hawk­man

There’ve been sev­eral in­car­na­tions of this hero, but our favourite is the ’ 40s orig­i­nal: ar­chae­ol­o­gist Carter Hall. The rein­car­na­tion of an an­cient Egyptian prince, he flies with the aid of a belt made of grav­ity- de­fy­ing “nth metal” from the planet Thana­gar. The Fal­con

Main­stream comics’ first African- Amer­i­can su­per­hero. Men­tally fused with a fal­con by the pow­ers of the Cos­mic Cube, Har­lem pi­geo­nen­thu­si­ast Sam Wil­son was given the power to con­trol birds, see through their eyes, and, pre­sum­ably, un­leash a del­uge of splat­tery poo on his enemies.

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