Con­tin­uum Sea­son Three

Ter­ror­ist timeline trou­bles

SFX - - Rated dvd & blu-ray - Jayne Nel­son

Re­lease Date: OUT NOW! 2014 | 15 | Blu- ray/ DVD Cre­ator: Simon Barry Cast: Rachel Ni­chols, Erik Knud­sen, Vic­tor Web­ster, Stephen Lobo, Lexa Doig

If you were hav­ing trou­ble fol­low­ing the con­vo­luted plot­ting dur­ing sea­sons one and two of Con­tin­uum, you might as well give up now and bail on the ad­ven­tures of Keira Cameron and her ter­ror­ist timeline woes. If, how­ever, you’ve lapped up all the tem­po­ral twists and turns of this cun­ning lit­tle se­ries, you’ll bloody love this new­est batch of 13 episodes.

We pick up this year with Keira stuck in Free­lancer pri­son, while Alec has trav­elled back in time to save the life of the woman he loves. It’s not long be­fore there are dop­pel­gangers ev­ery­where and char­ac­ters we thought were good guys or bad guys sud­denly flip like pancakes – moral am­bi­gu­ity is what Con­tin­uum does best, af­ter all. It’s also rather good at giv­ing us un­ex­pected deaths, fan­tas­tic fight scenes and a sea­son fi­nale that will kick you so hard in the goolies you’ll be bruised for a week.

The down­sides of sea­son three, how­ever, are that the writ­ing doesn’t feel quite as fo­cused as its first two years, and Keira has now changed so much it’s get­ting tough to em­pathise with her. De­spite this, how­ever, Con­tin­uum is still a damn fine se­ries.

Ex­tras: Two commentaries ( on “Minute By Minute” and “Last Minute”) from Simon Barry and ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer/ direc­tor Pat Wil­liams, 13 de­cent we­bisodes, and a half- hour be­hind- the- scenes piece. All episodes in sea­son one had “Time” in their ti­tle. In sea­son two, it was “Sec­ond”. Sea­son three? “Minute”.

Nigel Farage had just walked in.

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