Hooked Up

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2013 | 18 | DVD

The big noise

around this grue­some hor­ror is that it was filmed en­tirely on an iPhone. In­ge­nious... and al­most en­tirely point­less, given that the re­sults look ex­actly like ev­ery other found- footage film. Bet­ter, in fact – the ef­fects are solid through­out and the gore is pleas­ingly prac­ti­cal.

Alas, the film it­self is a very drab en­try into the tourist- hor­ror canon. Amer­i­cans Peter and To­nio travel to Barcelona to try and get laid. They puke and piss and leer their way through a dull open­ing 20 min­utes, be­fore pick­ing up a cou­ple of girls. Un­for­tu­nately, one of them gives Peter a rather in­ti­mate and painful love bite... Cue a long, de­press­ing hour of scream­ing, whim­per­ing and blood.

Loud, ob­nox­ious and bor­ing, the film per­fectly re­flects its lead char­ac­ters. A last- minute twist also mis­er­ably fails to con­vince.

Ex­tras: None. Will Salmon

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