5 Bat­mo­bile Bot­tle Opener

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Di­a­mond Se­lect | Length: 11cm | RRP: £ 16.99 | FPI price: £ 14.99 | Cat­a­logue num­ber: C2429

“Holy kitchen im­ple­ment!”

“Yes, boy won­der! It ap­pears to be a metal bot­tle opener cun­ningly dis­guised as our faith­ful Bat­mo­bile! The de­tail­ing is im­pres­sive!”

“Holy ine­bri­a­tion! Just imag­ine break­ing open the Bat- beers with this beauty!”

“Cau­tion, old chum. The folly of al­co­hol has led many a good cit­i­zen of Gotham astray.”

“Holy so­bri­ety, Bat­man! You’re right! And to think… I was al­most tempted!”

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