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Tatau’s lead­ing man talks ink jobs and All Blacks

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What at­tracted you to play­ing Kyle? He doesn’t en­ter into the story as a su­per­hero or a de­tec­tive; he’s had enough of his job in Lon­don so he and Budgie de­cide to travel the world. There were so many di­men­sions to the char­ac­ter. Kind of a dream role for my­self be­cause it’s a great op­por­tu­nity to re­ally flex your abil­i­ties and learn about where you can go with what you’ve got and what more you can dis­cover. What’s so im­por­tant about Kyle’s tat­too? Kyle de­cides he’s go­ing to get this tat­too be­fore he leaves. It’s some­thing he’s been sketch­ing but he doesn’t have any un­der­stand­ing of the sym­bols. When he ar­rives he dis­cov­ers th­ese sym­bols mean some­thing and it’s fairly ob­vi­ous from peo­ple’s re­ac­tions that they don’t mean “I love mum”, they mean some­thing more in­tense with real depth in this Maori, Cook Is­land cul­ture. Budgie and Kyle are best friends on screen. How did you bond with Theo Barklem- Biggs? We flew out 12 days be­fore we started shoot­ing and I booked some tick­ets to go see the All Blacks play, so we went along to that and painted the town red. We have a great friend­ship and with that came a great work­ing re­la­tion­ship in the sense that we never felt un­com­fort­able about call­ing the other per­son on some­thing and say­ing, “No, that’s a crap idea.” And that’s only go­ing to have a pos­i­tive ef­fect on Tatau. Why should peo­ple tune in? It’s some­thing that most peo­ple have never had an ex­pe­ri­ence of in terms of this Maori cul­ture. And the beauty of the Cook Is­lands re­ally comes across on the screen, but there’s a real added grit to the se­ries and you get a sense of how peo­ple live out there. It’s fast- paced, there’s twists and turns galore and hope­fully it’s a re­ally fun and en­joy­able and in­sight­ful show for peo­ple to watch. Jor­dan Far­ley

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