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You lovely lot re­call spend­ing two decades with your favourite mag­a­zine. Plus all the regular sec­tions.

Hot Topic What are your mem­o­ries of 20 years of SFX?

I re­mem­ber when I first saw is­sue one on the shelves of my newsagents it was in the same sec­tion as FHM, Loaded and Maxim ( they did the thing of mis­tak­ing the F for an E) but it popped off the shelf. It was some­thing new, a mag­a­zine for sci- fi geeks that was hip and cool ( yeah, 21- year- old me needs a slap). Here was a mag­a­zine one could leaf through in any cof­feeshop or indie- bar. Geek- chic had ar­rived. ( Ooh! I need a slap!)

Jack Woodgate What’s my favourite mem­ory of SFX? Could it be pick­ing up is­sue one, all white and pink and shiny, in the Vir­gin Me­ga­s­tore on a trip to Glas­gow on re­lease day? Or get­ting my first sub­scriber copy a month af­ter – Judge Dredd on the cover. Who thought that was a good idea again?

Could it be do­ing my first Couch Potato af­ter years read­ing the fea­ture – or do­ing the Spaced one round at Simon Pegg’s house and end­ing up sleep­ing in his spare room af­ter we missed the train home? Could it be launch­ing the SFX Net­work and see­ing it fly so high ( be­fore suf­fer­ing such a bump), or see­ing the My Sci- Fi fea­ture we launched on that still be­ing used to this day in the mag?

Nope. All those re­main cher­ished, beau­ti­ful thoughts – but my favourite mem­ory is be­ing dressed in bub­blewrap and Dan­ish pastries to pre­tend to be Princess Leia for one of Fordy’s in­sane mar­ket­ing ideas while young Thomas Mayo swung a baguette like a lightsaber. Thank­fully all pic­tures from that have been lost to the ether ( he said hope­fully…).

“Con­grat­u­la­tions on 20 years of glo­ri­ous genre jour­nal­ism”

Con­grat­u­la­tions on hit­ting 20 years of glo­ri­ous genre jour­nal­ism. You’ve lit up the news­stands with sparkling copy, stunning cov­ers and the word SEX ap­par­ently peak­ing out the top of the mag­a­zine rack.

Iain Hep­burn ( for­mer SFX writer) I met my wife through the pen pal page. I for­get the is­sue num­ber, it was 13 years ago and had Har­ri­son Ford in grey on the cover [ Sounds like the best thing ever to come from What Lies Be­neath!– Ed].

Ed­uard Korho­nen The first num­ber I bought was in Coim­bra, Por­tu­gal, in 1997, num­ber 29, the cover was Alien: Res­ur­rec­tion, if I’m not mis­taken [ you are – it was Baby­lon 5! – Ed]. It was my girl­friend who of­fered it to me, since she knew I loved all things re­lated to science fic­tion, and even if I was a nerd, I was a cute one. I have since been a sub­scriber for more than 10 years. The girl­friend is long gone and the cute­ness also went with the wind, but I’m still a nerd at heart, and one of the rea­sons for it, is be­cause I kept read­ing SFX!

Gas­par Garção I used to en­joy your awards cer­e­monies, es­pe­cially the one at Wolf 359 in Black­pool ( the year the fire alarms got set off and JMS lost the scripts for sea­son five of Baby­lon 5).

An­drew Grant I got my first sub­scrip­tion to your mag­a­zine at Christ­mas 2004. It was a gift from my brother and his girl­friend. I never re­ally got on with Lee as we were grow­ing up, but Sa­man­tha turned our re­la­tion­ship around. And they al­ways gave the best Christ­mas pressies! So that year, that’s what I re­ceived. A year’s worth of geek heaven on a monthly ba­sis! I was chuffed!

Lee and Sam died in 2005. But SFX kept turn­ing up at my

door. From them. And it al­ways, AL­WAYS put a smile on my face when it ar­rived. Be­cause it was still from them. And I cher­ished ev­ery is­sue be­cause of it. That, and it’s just a good mag, too! So, thanks for giv­ing me th­ese mem­o­ries.

Rob Har­ris My great­est ex­pe­ri­ence with SFX is do­nat­ing the is­sues to my school li­brary. They had is­sues from 2004- 2008, so I de­cided to do­nate my is­sues to give SF fans some­thing slightly more con­tem­po­rary to read. I look for­ward to do­nat­ing fu­ture is­sues!

Car­los Al­monacid Twenty years? Surely it hasn’t been that long?! I still have all my copies and pe­ruse them from time to time. I love the tongue- incheek cap­tions to the pho­tos, and crawl­ing through the small print to find gems that have been left for those who are pa­tient.

Dave Hart­ley

Thanks for all your rec­ol­lec­tions about the mag and, of course, thanks for read­ing. Stay with us be­cause, if any­thing, the fu­ture is go­ing to be even brighter!

IN­VA­SION EART H! I think the fu­ture for Bri­tish scifi is un­for­tu­nately rather bleak at the mo­ment, but if any TV com­pany wanted my opin­ion on ideas for a new drama I would want some­thing around space travel and aliens com­ing to Earth, from a Bri­tish point of view. I saw an ar­ti­cle in the pa­per re­cently which said that SETI are look­ing at in­ten­si­fy­ing their ef­forts to send mes­sages out into space, and the com­ment was made that we might be safer not to draw at­ten­tion to our­selves. If that’s not a cue for a drama se­ries I don’t know what is.

Gil­lian Al­cock

Ah, let’s draw at­ten­tion to our­selves! Who cares what might hap­pen? If there’s a big party go­ing on be­yond the stars then we should be part of it!

NOT SO BEASTLY I found it a bit con­de­scend­ing that you called the re­newal of Beauty And The Beast for a fourth sea­son ( be­fore the third sea­son has even been trans­mit­ted) “in­ex­pli­ca­ble”.

Per­haps you should keep in mind that your read­ers have a va­ri­ety of tastes and that some of them, like me, ac­tu­ally like this tele­vi­sion show.

I like Beauty And The Beast for its ro­man­tic sto­ry­line, kick­ass hero­ine who can mostly save her­self and the good- look­ing “Beast”. There seems to be a dearth of ro­man­tic fan­tasy and SF TV shows around at the mo­ment and this just fills this gap nicely.

Ilona Kos­mowsky

I’m afraid the SFX crew aren’t with you on this one, Ilona – our most ar­dent telly watcher reck­ons it’s “cheesy rub­bish”. If it’s ro­man­tic fan­tasy you’re af­ter we highly rec­om­mend Out­lander. ( By the way, doesn’t it some­what de­feat the ob­ject if the Beast is good- look­ing…?) WHO THEY GONA CAL Well if I didn’t want to make a hasty exit from the planet and/ or the hu­man race be­fore to­day, I do now. I was quite sup­port­ive of the whole idea of re­boot­ing Ghost­busters around an all- fe­male cast, be­cause, well, it’s the 21st cen­tury now, so why the hell not? We live in more en­light­ened times now, surely? But no – some

trou­bled ( and pos­si­bly drool­ing and slime trail- emit­ting) soul de­cided that that would be un­fair to men, and has thus since de­cided to com­mis­sion an all- male ver­sion of Ghost­busters. Which, quite aside from the fact that that’s ac­tu­ally just the orig­i­nal Ghost­busters, was clearly needed on ac­count of there not be­ing enough ac­tion/ com­edy films fea­tur­ing men. I mean, just look at all of the fe­male- led MCUbased films that Marvel have put out! It’s a trav­esty of injustice!

Re­ally, though, did they ( and by “they” I mean the self- im­por­tant, en­ti­tle­ment hun­gry id­iots that made this ret­ro­grade de­ci­sion) not get the memo that SF/ F was meant to be all- in­clu­sive? Hasn’t any­one watched any Star Trek re­cently? Well watch it again. And learn, peo­ple! Learn!

The Llama God, The Dark and Ap­par­ently 1800s- Locked Lands

Be­yond the Wall

What’s per­haps cu­ri­ous is that they’re talk­ing of a huge, over­reach­ing Ghost­busters fran­chise, as if it was Marvel or Star Wars. Steady on, fel­las: there’ve only been two films and a cou­ple of an­i­mated TV se­ries! Hello SFX from Bris­bane, Australia. Thank you for such a great mag. I am an Aus­tralian Abo­rig­i­nal artist, my daugh­ter is a mad Doc­tor Who fan and so I did a paint­ing for her of K- 9, which I would like to share with you.

Scott Moore

That’s well good that is, Scott. And it’s re­minded me that you Aussies made your own K- 9 TV se­ries in 2009/ 10 – com­pletely forgotten about that! I’m pleased to note that you’ve used the sil­hou­ette of the faith­ful hound be­fore he was trans­formed in episode one.

Does this re­mind you of the mess in your loft?

Pow­ers: in need of more potty lan­guage?

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