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Favourite SF/ fan­tasy Film

Crea­ture From The Black La­goon, In­vaders From Mars, For­bid­den Planet… I was very much a fan of ’ 50s science fic­tion. They all seemed kind of sem­i­nal. I guess you wouldn’t put Psy­cho in that batch, but it was ter­ri­fy­ing. Mur­der­ing Janet Leigh early in the film… Hitch­cock did so many things where you were like, “This movie might do any­thing.” You didn’t know what it would do next. That’s my favourite film. And cer­tainly 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Favourite SF/ fan­tasy TV

Buffy and An­gel of course! [ laughs] I wasn’t a big hor­ror, sci- fi guy un­til I met Joss Whe­don and dis­cov­ered the metaphors that you can do in genre. For ex­am­ple, you can have an In­vis­i­ble Girl who feels so in­vis­i­ble that she ac­tu­ally turns in­vis­i­ble, which you couldn’t do in a so- called “nor­mal” story. Peo­ple can re­late to that on a very deep level and yet they’re re­moved from it at the same time. Of course I like The Outer Lim­its and The Twi­light Zone – where, again, any­thing could hap­pen. I liked The Dead Zone a lot too. An­thony Michael Hall sniffed around Grimm. We set­tled on David Gi­un­toli, for the part, but he’s a great guy, a re­ally nice guy…

Favourite SF/ fan­tasy BookS

Any­thing by Stephen King… The guys I grew up with were Von­negut and a guy named Richard Brauti­gan, who no­body knows any more. But he was a big deal in the ’ 60s and early ’ 70s and he wrote a book called Trout Fish­ing In Amer­ica. When I went to col­lege I found that I was at­tracted to th­ese writ­ers who were funny and orig­i­nal and fresh, but they weren’t re­ally stud­ied in academia. That’s when I re­alised, “I’m prob­a­bly a show­biz guy.” The stuff that I liked was a lit­tle more en­ter­tain­ing. The Buffy pro­ducer and An­gel co- cre­ator now makes the dark magic of Grimm

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