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I love the premise – Don­key Kong reap­ing car­nage with bar­rels? Yay! – but the tone of this trailer is all over the place. Pix­els n eeds to be a hell of a lot fun­nier if it’s go­ing to sus­tain an en­tire film.


I adore the con­cept ( Pac- Man and Don­key

Kong are games from my youth) but the trailer is more slap­stick and Adam San­dler- y than I was ex­pect­ing. Still, it’s got Peter Din­klage in it.


Adam San­dler should be given the oc­ca­sional chance, just so he can squan­der it again and we can all move on. Thus

Pix­els, a silly movie about vox­els with cringe­wor­thy lines. No!


Great con­cept, but shame the trailer isn’t the strong­est. With Chris Colum­bus at the helm I’ve got high hopes for a smarter line of hu­mour than Adam San­dler inanely nam­ing char­ac­ters.


It’s a con­cept that just looks like So Much Fun! The cast­ing seems to be a mix of “amaz­ing!” and “okay…” so let’s hope Chris Colum­bus can make it all work – this is look­ing good.

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