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SFX - - Red alert -

Sheri­dan Smith and Rob Bry­don play­ing dwarfs in Snow White pre­quel The Hunts­man… The Win­ter Sol­dier ’s Joe and An­thony Russ o di­rect­ing Avengers: In­fin­ity War 1 and 2… Sony plan­ning Robotech fran­chise…

The Lego Movie’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller writ­ing 2018’ s

The Flash… For­est Whi­taker join­ing Amy A dams and Jeremy Ren­ner in

alien con­tact tale Story Of Your Life for

Para­mount… Sec­tion 6’ s Aaron Berg rewrit­ing

GI Joe 3… Ar­row’s

Stephen Amell

play­ing Casey Jones in Teenage Mu­tant Ninja Tur­tles 2… Stephen

Dorff to star in Texas Chain­saw Massacre

pre­quel Leather­face… Dis­ney plan­ning live­ac­tion Mu­lan… Mon­sters: Dark Con­ti­nent writer Jay Basu to adapt Metal

Gear Solid for Sony… Os­car- win­ner ed­die red­mayne set to star

in Harry Pot­ter spin- off Fan­tas­tic Beasts And Where To Find Them…

Ghost­buster Ernie

Hud­son in the frame for King T’Chaka, ruler of Wakanda, in The Black Pan­ther… Dis­tur­bia’s Carl Ellsw orth writ­ing re­make… the José Grem­lins Padilha helm­ing

Mind­corp… Vivica A

Fox re­turns for In­de­pen­dence Day 2…

Michael Biehn con­firms he’s back as Hicks in Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5… Joseph Gor­don

Le­vitt to pro­duce and star in big- screen ver­sion of Frag­gle Rock… Down­ton Abbey’s Jes­sica Brown Find­lay join­ing Jack Hus­ton in The Crow re­boot…

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