The Wrath of Idris?

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Simon Pegg is deep in screen­play duty on the next Trek movie. Turns out the script he’s writ­ing with Doug Jung is en­tirely new: “I haven’t read Bob ( Orci)’ s script and they didn’t want us to,” he tells Den Of Geek. “So we went back to the drawing board.” But ex­pect some old school

Trek DNA in the mix. “[ We] just want to take it for­ward with the spirit of the TV show,” Pegg tells Spinoff On­line. “It’s a story about fron­tierism and adventure and op­ti­mism and fun, and that’s where we want to take it.” Bond- in- wait­ing Idris Elba is said to be in early talks for a sub­stan­tial role, pos­si­bly the film’s main vil­lain. But Pegg pho­ton tor­pe­does ru­mours that the Luther star will be swing­ing a bat’leth. “He may be in the film but he won’t be a Klin­gon [ laughs]. Or maybe he will!” So he’s Khan, right? One cast­ing lock: Kings­man’s Sofia Boutella.

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