Spin­ning Yarns

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Se­cret Wars’ tie- in will leave you in knots

From Mar­guerite Bennett and G Wil­low Wil­son’s all- fe­male Avengers A- Force to Noelle Stevenson’s

Runaways, Se­cret Wars’ nu­mer­ous off­shoot projects should be just as much es­sen­tial read­ing as the main event it­self. With many piv­otal past ex­trav­a­gan­zas be­ing re­vis­ited, other high­lights in­clude Charles Soule and Leinil Yu’s all- new Civil War, Brian Bendis’s Mark Mil­lar­riff­ing Old Man Lo­gan and the re­turn of Peter Parker’s wife, Mary Jane, and daugh­ter in Spi­der- Man: Re­new Your Vows. On a more off­beat note, Brevoort de­scribes Ja­son Aaron and Mike Del Mundo’s fan­tas­ti­cal Weird­world as “a wild mash- up of all kinds of gen­res and with a pro­tag­o­nist and an en­vi­ron­ment that will be very im­por­tant to the Marvel

Uni­verse go­ing for­ward”.

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