Game Of Thrones Episodes Two And Three

For­rester man­age­ment

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The lat­est episodes in Tell­tale’s six- part Game Of Thrones graphic adventure con­tinue the tra­di­tion of a fam­ily from the North find­ing them­selves re­lent­lessly shat on in Wes­teros. If you thought the Starks had it bad, wait till you see what’s in store for the For­resters.

Episode Two, “The Lost Lords” ( ) es­tab­lishes a new world or­der for the be­lea­guered fam­ily and in­tro­duces re­main­ing play­ers Asher and Ro­drik. Asher is a par­tic­u­larly wel­come ad­di­tion, in­ject­ing a much- needed sense of fun into the end­lessly mis­er­able events else­where. But it’s a pe­cu­liarly un­event­ful 90 min­utes that’s al­most en­tirely lack­ing the mo­ments of ag­o­nis­ing diplo­macy Tell­tale is best known for.

For­tu­nately things pick up with “The Sword In The Dark­ness” ( ), as the se­ries’ dis­jointed nar­ra­tive fi­nally slots into place. The re­main­ing For­resters may be scat­tered, but each one is fight­ing for the sur­vival of their fam­ily, and ev­ery fail­ure puts added em­pha­sis on the next char­ac­ter to pick up the slack. It’s mas­ter­fully paced, com­pellingly writ­ten and fea­tures one of Tell­tale’s best set­pieces to date: a deadly dragon attack!

There’s still a sense that the For­resters’ story is more of a foot­note than an ac­tual chap­ter in the his­tory of the Ice and Fire, but at the half­way mark this is shap­ing up to be a solid slice of sto­ry­telling from the fringes of Wes­teros. Jor­dan Far­ley

We bet those feath­ers itch af­ter a while.

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