Star Wars: Ar­mada

Lock S- foils, we’re go­ing in…

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Two play­ers | £ 80 Pub­lisher: Fan­tasy Flight Games

In this table­top

strat­egy game, two op­pos­ing play­ers take charge of the battle fleets of the Em­pire and Rebel Al­liance. One con­trols a Star De­stroyer and six squadrons of TIE Fighters, while the other has a Corvette, Frigate and four squadrons of X- Wings.

Play­ers are free to roam any­where on a three- foot- square sur­face, with rules gov­ern­ing fir­ing range and turn­ing speed, but things still get clut­tered, with mul­ti­ple ships plus de­vices for mea­sur­ing com­bat and ma­noeu­vring. At­tacks are man­aged us­ing dice rolls to ap­por­tion dam­age, crit­i­cal hits and their ef­fects.

Ar­mada does have some in­con­gruities, such as fighters not be­ing able to move and attack, con­trary to Star Wars dog­fights. Also, the weak­ness of the TIE Fighters means you’ll need to stick to the same over­all strat­egy, at­tack­ing in swarms to knock out the X- Wings be­fore they pick you off first.

No doubt it will ap­peal to strat­egy purists, and there’s fun to be had steer­ing your lum­ber­ing war­ships around, try­ing to out­wit your op­po­nent while man­ag­ing your dwin­dling shields. But if you want to re­cap­ture the twists and turns of dy­namic space com­bat, this isn’t the game you’re look­ing for.

There’s also the nig­gling feel­ing that the core pack is just a gate­way drug for the “fleet build­ing ” ex­pan­sion packs. With ad­di­tional ships cost­ing be­tween £ 15 and £ 30, this could rapidly be­come a very ex­pen­sive hobby. Steve Jar­ratt

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