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Mary Shel­ley’s Franken­stein ( 1818) is widely re­garded as the first proper science fic­tion novel. Ever won­dered how to de­fine sci- fi and fan­tasy? Here’s a handy sum­mary from The Twi­light Zone cre­ator Rod Ser­ling: “Fan­tasy is the im­pos­si­ble made prob­a­ble. Science fic­tion is the im­prob­a­ble made pos­si­ble.” The first per­son to coin the term “sci- fi” was the late For­est J Ack­er­man in 1953. Of the top 50 high­est gross­ing movies of all time, only five wouldn’t qual­ify as “SFX ter­ri­tory”.

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