SFX - - The sfx years | 2001 - 2004 -

“The line, ‘ Don’t screw this up,’ which is used in the pro­mos, is def­i­nitely typ­i­cal of this se­ries.” Bran­non Braga, not re­al­is­ing how prophetic he’s be­ing about Star Trek: En­ter­prise “I used to feel very em­bar­rassed when I’d have to come down and have to say, ‘ Could your or­gasm be a lit­tle bit louder?’” Buffy pro­ducer Marti Noxon

“My nick­name around the show is Amy Snacker.” Amy Acker, An­gel “Tom Welling has the worst Christo­pher Walken im­pres­sion I’ve ever seen and he will in­sist on do­ing it.” Al­li­son Mack, Smal­lville “I don’t know how to do spe­cial ef­fects my­self, but I know when they’re good – it’s like pornog­ra­phy.” Jonathan Frakes, direc­tor, Thun­der­birds

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