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Favourite TV Shows

“I the­meused to quite love scary Ren­taghost, be­cause but of I Ti­moth­y­found the

Clay­pole’s laugh at the end.”

Matt Lu­cas “Star Trek. Even Wil­liam Shat­ner’s

hammy act­ing worked.”

Roger McGuinn, The Byrds

“I re­ally like Voy­ager. That could have been mainly down to Cap­tain

Janeway. My type of woman.”

Jimmy Greaves “I love ev­ery­thing about Doc­tor Who – it is fan­tas­tic and the scripts are bril­liant and I think it’s made in Wales, isn’t it?”

Alex James, Blur

“I’m ab­so­lutely ad­dicted to Medium. I’ve prob­a­bly seen ev­ery episode at least six times.”

Toyah Wil­cox “I watched Lost. I thought the first se­ries was fan­tas­tic, then it be­came more of an en­durance thing.”

Rus­sell Howard

“Doll­house is re­ally un­der­rated.” Jonathan Ross

“It’s all Buffy for me. Do you know Joss Whe­don tweeted about my mu­si­cal Matilda

yes­ter­day? F** king best day of my life!”

Tim Minchin “I loved Red Dwarf and Quan­tum Leap to the point of ob­ses­sion. All my Christ­mas presents

were books about them.”

Josie Long

Favourite Books/ Comics

“I Lovely like Snow ideas, Crash great by story, Neal very Stephen­son. cool.”

Gra­ham Line­han “Hitch­hiker’s. It was like a car­ni­val tak­ing place in your head.” Char­lie Brooker

“Stephen Bax­ter’s Voy­age. A very clever idea.”

Pro­fES­SOR Colin Pillinger “As a kid I read a lot of Isaac Asimov and Ray Brad­bury, who I still love.” Mackenzie Crook

Favourite Movies

“The Em­pire Strikes Back – it’s the dark­est, coolest and best di­rected of the Star Wars films.”

Simon Pegg “I saw Tron at the Odeon Pic­ture House in 1982 and left the cinema fizzing!”

Mike Joyce, The Smiths “I’m a huge fan of JJ Abrams. In Star Trek he lov­ingly and know­ingly plays with the mythos.” Quentin Tarantino

“When I was grow­ing up Alien was a huge favourite of mine. I was fas­ci­nated by space­craft, so I couldn’t be both­ered with the hor­ror; I just love the ar­chi­tec­ture of the ships.” Pro­fes­sor Brian Cox

“Most sci- fi films are crap.”

Adam Yauch, The Beastie Boys

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